Njihove eseje, koji odgovaraju na temu zašto bi preporučili drugu ili drugarici da upišu Helen Doron školu, Vam prenosimo u celosti. Uživajte!

Eseji naših tinejdžera

,, Eseji naših tinejdžera

Sofija Ćurčić, 13 godina


,,Hi! Look at this awesome English school. I think you would learn the best like this! We have a lot of fun in these classes! We sing and dance and through lyrics we learn some important stuff. We play the simple games you learnt in Serbian, just with English expressions. It’s a great thing that we don’t study by just translating words from English to Serbian even after class I keep speaking English.

Bye, write back soon.”




Eseji naših tinejdžera

Eseji naših tinejdžera

Teodora Popović, 12 godina

,, Dear Marzia,

Hi! I introduce you to Helen Doron learning course! I go here for 8 years and I would love you to join me. This is why: HD learning course is FUN, all classes are filled with games (on the smart board and card games) and we often listen to cool music. If you come here, your grades will sure be better. We learn grammar and reading. If you don’t know how to do your homework, there is a homework session that will help you. And in December we have Christmas party. It was cool this year ( It is a costume party)!

Hope you will join us next year,